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Increasing Internal Memory ( Storage) in Android Devices....

Increasing Internal Memory ( Storage)  in Android Devices....

"Phone Low on storage" is the notification in status bar that everyone hates, still it's the fact most of the old android phones / devices used to have very low internal storage.

So today we will see how to increase the internal storage in android device.

One of the pre-condition to do so, is that your device have to be "rooted", now to root your phone..

(1) You can try "SuperOneClick" software, and follow that process, now if you can't root your phone with this software check out step 2.

(2) go to select your device and follow the process.

If you face any problem during the procedure please feel free to share your problem in comment section.

Now, let's assume that your phone is rooted, than you need to have a memory card which has good capacity eg 4Gb, 8Gb, as out of this part of the memory will now be used as Phone Internal Memory.

You will need mini partition tool software, if you don't have it already please download it from following link...

Step 1:-

Open the Mini Partition Tool on your computer, remove the MicroSD card from phone, insert the card in to card reader and put card reader in computer.

Now computer will detect card as one of the drive. We will format the SD card as below...

Now we will create two partition in the Micro SD card, 

  • Select MicroSD card, on right clicking, select "CREATE", this will create one partition, this is the first part, keep it large, say if you have 4GB memory card keep 3GB here.
  • Select Partition file system as FAT32, & Partition Type as "Primary"

Right Click on the second partition shown, select modify, here also select same parameters, File System as FAT32 and Partition type as "PRIMARY".

Ensure you select both partitions as PRIMARY else Card will not work.

Click on "APPLY"  This will apply all changes to Micro SD.

Remove SD card from PC, insert in your Phone, restart the phone, Phone will detect partitioned SD card.

Step 2:-

Download Link2Sd application on your android devices, this is the application which will link the one part of the memory card partition to your system memory.

Download another application "superuser" and grant super user rights to "Link2Sd" program.

Now please go to the application "Link2SD" 

Phone will ask user to select file system..Select FAT32..restart the phone...

Again after phone starts up, go to LINK2SD program..

Go to Menu -> Settings,

Select "Auto Link" 

And in "Auto link settings" enable 3 options

And finally...

 "Install Location" select "Internal"

In case of any question, queries please feel free to comment!

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